Participants of the Investment Ready Program receive:
  • 12 days of online training and strategy sessions
  • 1-on-1 mentoring from seasoned entrepreneurs
  • 1-on-1 legal coaching from De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek
  • 1-on-1 coaching from ING finance and investment experts
  • 1-on-1 coaching on business modelling and strategy from Boston Consulting Group
  • Impact Hub Amsterdam membership, which gives access to our global network of impact makers
  • access to our extensive impact investor network
The program

The Investment Ready Program is a unique, 5-month peer-learning program that consists of 12 program days and individual support, leading up to an investor forum, supported by mentors, speakers, content experts and powerful business tools.

A cohort of 10 to 12 selected participants engage in a systematic review of their business strategy, model and team, before crafting a validated growth and investment plan. Our program focuses on proof-of-concept stage ventures (revenue-generating; initial track record). We do not take equity in participating ventures.

Neither the program committee nor a jury selects the “winner” of the program: the participants themselves are the investment committee. They reach their decision by ranking each other on 20+ investment criteria. This tried-and-tested peer-ranking model generates an intensive learning process: participants commit to fully transparent peer-reviewing, engage in a continuous feedback cycle, and develop a deep understanding of their fellow entrepreneurs’ businesses. The program teaches participants to look through the lens of an investor, thoroughly preparing them for the investment process later on.

Demo Day 

All participants pitch their strategy and plan at the final investor forum for which we selectively invite purpose-driven investors and funds. It is our goal that at least 50% of participants achieve their fundraising target through our connections and hit or exceed their growth objectives 12 to 24 months after the program.

Deadline inschrijving: 14 september 

Selectie-interviews: Maandag 21 september (avond)  
Bekendmaking selectie: Donderdag 24 september 

Start programma: Donderdag 22 & Vrijdag 23 oktober (tweedaagse kick-off) 
Kosten: EUR 1.695,- (ex BTW)

Programmadata (nog onder voorbehoud)

Programma details

Kick-off oktober 2020
22 & 23 oktober
November 2020
Vrij 13, Vrij 20, Vrij 27
December 2020
Vrij 4 dec, Vrij 18 dec
Jan 2021
Vrij 15 jan, vrij 22 jan, do 28 en vrij 29
Demo Day
Vrijdag 5 maart
Alumni deelnemers
Netwerk van investeerders en intermediairs
Waarde van ontvangen support per deelnemer
Totaal binnengehaald aan investeringen

De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek is partner van het Investment Ready Program. Onze advocaten brainstormen met de ondernemers en adviseren hen over diverse juridische zaken, zodat zij hun weg kunnen vinden in de complexe juridische wereld. Deze startups met ondernemende en idealistische doelen inspireren en motiveren onze advocaten om de best mogelijke oplossingen te vinden.

Simone Kooij, De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek