Stijn Quast

Stijn helps to build and grow businesses with a social or environmental mission. He has helped several fast-growing scale-ups to reach significant scale and a positive bottom-line. He has been doing so for companies in varying industries. His expertise is in building a proper company foundation in order to be able to successfully execute the business growth strategy, while making a positive impact. Once a start-up has proven that there is demand for their products… a healthy finance, strong ability to execute and great team are what he believes to be crucial conditions to scale. He works with the team to integrate and align around personal and team responsibilities, systems and processes. He helps to understand, improve and drive the business case. He does so in a pragmatic way, appropriate to the phase that a scale-up or SME is in, but always with the future in mind.


  • financial modelling and forecasting
  • business case development
  • strategic re-orientation
    ● support in investment trajectories
    ● due diligence / audit readiness
    ● improve reporting capacity and introduce planning cycles
    ● (bottom-up) budgeting and business unit metrics
  • governance and operational models
  • integrate different business functions
  • set-up new business units
    ● improve administrative capacities (hygiene)