Michelle Chakkalckal

Michelle Chakkalckal helps leaders, entrepreneurs, and teams thrive in change. She is a social entrepreneur with 18+ years of experience turned business designer for purpose-driven business and social enterprises and has co-founded 2 social enterprises. Her last one Love Matters scaled to 7 countries (India, Mexico, Venezuela, Egypt, Kenya, and China). The products and services conservatively touched between 10 and 30 million. As part of that journey, she has grown the organization from 3 to 60+ people globally and have raised 3 million. Michelle has learned a lot of lessons – the hard way and is happy to share those experiences so that others can make new mistakes along the way. She specializes in 3 phases: start-up, building (series A, B), and scaling ans she has deep experience in business and organizational strategy, growth (talent, teams, product), and product (translating customer/client/beneficiaries insights).

Michelle looks at company challenges from 4 lenses:

  • Leadership: Do you have the support needed to make decisions, get buy-in, and have difficult conversations?
  • Impact: Do you have a living blueprint that works? One that aligns people, profit, social impact + metrics
  • Branding: Do you live your brand? Are key decisions made from it?
  • Scaling: Do you have the foundations to grow sustainably &/ rapidly? Are you aware of the trade-offs and have plans in place?

Michelle belongs to different networks & collectives in Amsterdam including:

  • Generous Minds, a social consultancy that brings together entrepreneurs, experts, and makers for social change.
  • Fellow of THNK Creative Leadership School in Amsterdam
  • Ambassador of Systems Sharing track for Digital Society School in Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences